Teacher Professional Development Courses

free live PD workshop recordings are now part memberships

We are currently working on creating teacher training videos and online courses to support beginning teachers in learning how to implement a variety of different techniques and strategies in their classrooms, to become a savvy confident and organised teacher. Becoming a teacher can be both exciting and overwhelming especially if you don't have a good support system. We are extremely passionate about helping beginning teachers in their first 5 years of teaching and all members of Savvy Teachers have access to our amazing support network and mentoring group 24/7.


Online Teacher Training Courses



Behaviour Management System 

Designed for beginning teachers in their first 5 years of teaching or pre-service teachers. This program is designed to support you as a beginning teachers with teaching strategies, organisational skills, teaching hacks, tips and tricks with over 550+ hours of teacher training and $490 worth of resources... + unlimited mentoring support group.

Valued @ over $4899 and normally $997 ONLY $397 (for savvy teacher members)



If you feel stressed or have not found a behaviour management system that works for you, then you are going to LOVE this course! The 4 step System is the first module with all the training and support you will need to sucessfully implement as a practice teacher on your practicums OR as a beginning teacher with your class.

The course then also includes another 33 strategies [currently being built] that you can add to your classroom depending on the age and needs of your students and the grade level you teach.

This flexible system comes with all your resources, teacher training, UNLIMITED ACCESS, links, tips, tricks and a 24/7 support group just for behaviour management....



Teacher Support Videos & Interviews

We will be sharing and hosting a lot of teacher training videos from our Savvy Teachers Mentors. From interviews to classroom activities to funny teacher stories inside our forums.... to access the full range of teacher training videos, become a member.

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