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Applications are open:


Who Understands #teacherlife Better Than Another Teacher...

Help a Beginning Teacher Blossom...

We are looking for experienced teachers to form our mentoring members who would be part of a wonderful community and be a pioneer in building this platform with us. 


Becoming a MENTOR and work COLLABORATIVELY with teachers by sharing your #teacherlife, will provide much needed support and longevity in the careers of beginning teachers.

as well as build your professional portfolio on a National Scale.


We are excited to see this project launch in 2021... so please join us!


We are opening the MENTOR MEMBERSHIPS...

Join as a MENTOR with Savvy Teachers in our teaching community and you have the opportunity to:


Mentor at your own pace and style, by sharing your teacher journey to help others.


Create a posts in our open forums, share teacher hacks, blogs, links, images, share your resources, successful learning stories, teaching techniques, K-mart bargains, teacher 'finds', your Aussie tpt store or your website, short teaching videos, links to your social media Instragram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube so beginning teachers can follow you and learn.

We have plans to develop your l.T. and Leadership skills in the different areas above (video editing & publishing, resource making, speaking on camera etc...) for those keen to take mentoring and teaching online to a new level (coming in 2019) so you feel confident as a Mentor.

As a Mentor you will have access to our Pinterest Collaborative Boards (@ our peak we had over 240K viewers per month), allow us to show case your work on our Facebook page (over 19K teacher followers) and promoted in our newsletter sent to over 12K teachers around Australia.

Participate in our exclusive "savvy teachers mentor group" for members only where you can interact, mentor and connect with beginning teachers and share your teacher journey.

Mentors receive a PD Certificate for Leadership in our ST community each year of their membership where they can state the hours of mentoring and leadership skills they developed in our Savvy Teachers platform and add "Mentor" to your teaching portfolio and resume.

Be invited to be featured in our pod casts or video teacher interviews (COMING in mid 2021) and promoted nation wide.

Founder of Savvy Teachers


new teachers




Share your knowledge & experiences

Work Collaboratively with Members

Provide Leadership & Support

Link to your tpt store or website

Showcase your social media & resources

Choose Your Level of Commitment

Contribute in a variety of formats

Inspire & Lead beginning teachers

Guide, advise and share your skills

Add Mentor to your Portfolio

Share your resources & network with our community...

We would love to show case your work!