A little about Savvy Teachers...

Being a beginning teacher is a mixture of emotions... exciting, nervous, passion, anxious, worry, eagerness...

So many new topics and skills to master as well as navigate your new career can quickly become overwhelming and stressful, as you dedicate every living minute learning, planning, checking, reviewing, talking, searching.... suddenly your new career can become a heavy burden with very little support... SAVVY TEACHERS is here to change that!

This platform has been designed to provide much needed support & inspiration via a mentoring style of network for graduate and beginning teachers in their first 5 years of teaching! 

 "The purpose of Savvy Teachers is reduce our industry's extremely high exit rate by creating an interactive teaching hub, where beginning teachers can be nurtured and empowered by connecting with experienced educators. Through collaboration, mentoring and sharing the #teacherlife we will inspire each other & thrive as educators!"

Rachel Wills B.Ed


I am proud to be an Australian educator who embraces life and all that comes with it. I have been a primary education teacher since 2000 and has focussed on 'special needs' education for the past 12 years. I am very interested in exploring new strategies for teaching and learning as well as results based programs. I currently interested in brain plasticity and emotion regulation, along with mindfulness in the classroom.


I believe that teachers are the most valuable asset to education and as teachers we have the ability to reduce our industry's exit rate through working collaboratively and sharing our teaching journey with each other. 

Collectively the knowledge and experience we have as teachers is incredible empowering and inspiring. Savvy Teachers is going to be introducing pod casts, online course and using video to help educators share their knowledge and experience to mentor beginning teachers. We are really excited at the potential of our new platform!

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To save you hours of time and locate amazing resources, we have a members only set of forums where you will find years of experience in one location. This amount of knowledge, skills and links in this area will become such a valuable resource for all members.

Forums on Assessment, Planning, Behaviour Management, Learning Support, Communicating with Parents, Leadership, Early Childhood, Pre-service Teachers and more...

This is a growing library you will have access to for the life of your account and membership.



I had a life changing experience in late 2016 and the ability to classroom teach was taken from me through traumatic experience. This was completely devastating as my passion and purpose in life is 'teaching' but with support and guidance, I reassessed my purpose and wanted to combine my love of teaching and learning in a way that still helped people.

This is how I began my journey as a mentor and starting the Beginning Teachers Mentor Network. I am so excited to be able to share what I've learnt in my teacher journey and I hope it saves beginning teachers hours of time and provide them with confidence and build a teacher tool belt. As a member of Savvy Teachers, this group is open 24/7 for advice, support, guidance, laughter, inspiration and real connections and friends.

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Savvy Teachers is a mentoring network for beginning teachers in Australia.